Community Tired of Getting Trashed

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Some residents who live in the small town of Rudy in Crawford County said an area in town is home to drugs and alcohol.

"I have found syringes just laying up on the rocks I found three down here," said Tina Robertson.

People in town say the trashed area near the creek is known as Rudy Creek and is owned by David Whited. They said it's home to loud parties that go on long into the night.

"Play the loud music and drink and do drugs and stuff like that," said Calvin Collins.

Mayor Billy Rogers said the area is private property and on the outskirts of Rudy so there is only so much the area can do.

"They may be doing heroine they may be smoking marijuana and I'm sure drinking a lot of alcohol but again that's a danger issue I understand that a hundred percent," said Rogers.

As the litter of drugs, alcohol and even dead animals continue to pile up on the property those in town feel if signs were posted it would eliminate the problem.

"Even if it was just signs that said video surveillance cameras in use that would stop a lot of it," said Robertson.

Collins said at times he will come out and clean up the mess. For now that just may be their only source of cleanup

However, Whited said he says he plans to clean up the area and keep it that way.