Report: Michael Dyer Wants to Walk On at Arkansas

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Just when it looked like Michael Dyer was moving on, now he’s saying he wants to come to the University of Arkansas as a walk-on, instead of taking a scholarship somewhere else.

According to the USA Today, Dyer made it clear the Hogs are number 1 on his list. But will this coaching staff take the risk? Dyer claims to be a changed man after being kicked out at Auburn and Arkansas State. He graduated from Arkansas Baptist last month with an associate degree. As of right now, the word is the Hogs do not want to take the risk, but that’s not official yet.

“If you’re a coach, why do you want to bring that in?” said AP writer Ralph Russo on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly. “Your reputation is always on the line. So much of the blow-back when these kids get in trouble hits you. With a guy like Dyer, why would you want to take that chance when he’s got a history of being a problem?”

After interest from TCU and Louisville waned,  it was reporter Dyer was looking at going to a non-BCS school.

Dyer had back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing season at Auburn, including being named the 2011 National Championship MVP his freshman year. He then failed a drug test causing his exit from the Tigers. The next year Dyer was dismissed from the team at Arkansas State when details of a traffic stop became public. Dyer was cited for going 96 mph in a 70 zone. A state trooper confiscated a handgun.

Dyer has since turned things around and graduated Arkansas Baptist with a 3.6 GPA last fall and a 4.00 GPA in this summer session, according to USA Today.

Dyer is eligible to play this fall and has two years of eligibility left.

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