Pregnant Woman Survives Lightning Strike

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Ian Gordon and Kendra Villanueva were expecting two things on July 4th. First, a baby. Second, to watch a fireworks display. They were not, however, expecting to be struck by lightning.

The couple was walking to their home when Gordon was struck by a lightning bolt. The current when through his ear, his body, and then Villanueva’s body. Villanueva was only two weeks away from her due date at the time.

Friends of the couple called 911 and the couple was rushed to a nearby hospital. There, doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on Villanueva. They named the baby girl Kimberly Samantha Rose. She is being kept in ICU as a precaution, but she appears to be healthy.

Authorities believe a car the couple was standing next to at the time of the strike most likely absorbed much of the energy, saving their lives. Gordon’s eardrum was damaged and he uses a cane to walk because he experiences dizzyness. Both of the parents face long-term muscle spasms.