Springdale Downtown Looks To The Future

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Since 1941, Ryan’s Clothing in Downtown Springdale has been a landmark, but it will be closing within the next few months. Wayne Frazier who works at “Touch of Yesterday”, a business in downtown, is a bit worried.
“It has dried up, a lot of the businesses went out. Years ago, I can remember Tesco and Western Auto were downtown and now they’re all gone”, said Frazier.

On Friday (July 12), Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse told 5NEWS that big plans are in the works to make historical Downtown Springdale what it was, back in 1941.
“I see a tremendous future, we have momentum like we have never had before in downtown”, said the mayor.

The city plans to install the Razorback Greenway trail through downtown.
Mayor Sprouse says if you are looking to open up a new business, the time is now.
“Well it’s a lot cheaper to do it now than later because we are going to see continued demand and an increase in demand for quality development downtown”, said the mayor.

As for Ryan’s Clothing, they say they are not shutting down for economic reasons. The owner is retiring.