Attorney of Accused Machete Attacker Wants Silence

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A Fort Smith attorney is looking to put a gag order on a highly publicized upcoming murder trial.

Gregory Aaron Kinsey is accused of killing two men with a machete while walking near downtown Fort Smith on June 26th.

Attorney Teri Chambers represents Kinsey, who is charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of Brandon Prince and Nathan Young. Court documents indicate Chambers wants all parties involved not to say anything to anyone outside the case.

"A gag order is kind of a common expression for what's called in the law a prior restraint,” said Prosecuting Attorney, Daniel Shue. “A prior restraint is a government entity, usually a court issuing an order that there can be no discussion either by written communication or oral communication by the press."

In her documents, Chambers wrote, "This case has been the subject of widespread media coverage. An officer with the Fort Smith Police Department has been quoted in the media asserting that the defendant is absolutely responsible for the deaths and characterizing the defendant as evil.”

"There are documents that are what I consider to be freedom of information available once the case is no longer an ongoing investigation,” said Shue. “The question is the judge going to prohibit the release of those documents?"

Families involved in the case said they want a fair trial.

"It takes a village to raise a family and right now the village got rocked,” said Kristen Gray, Young's fiancee.

Nathan Maynard said, "I think justice should be served, he should be facing the death penalty."

"I'm a mother I hope it's not guilty based on self-defense,” said Kimberley Leclaire.

A hearing to decide the gag order is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Stay with 5NEWS for updates to this ongoing story.