Twinkies Hit Local Store Shelves

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Happy Harps Food shoppers were excited to see an iconic golden pastry hit store shelves.

Twinkies were pulled from shelves in November when the snack maker Hostess hit a financial snag.

"We love Twinkies,” said Edith Teague, a River Valley woman. “All my grandkids, we use to buy them all the time, I mean they would eat boxes and boxes and they just think they are great."

Store manager at Harps Food Stores in Fort Smith say they received a large shipment of Twinkies Saturday and sales have been sweet.

The new Twinkies making their way back to shelves weigh less and have fewer calories but those who love them say the taste hasn't changed one bit.

“I haven't bought them in so long I didn't notice that they were that much smaller but they still taste the same to me,” Teague said.

Some stores are setting up special displays so Twinkie lovers won't have any trouble finding the sweet spot.

Hostess says the price of Twinkies will remain the same, about $4 for a box of 10.