Corn Test Plot Contributes to International Research

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A Sequoyah County farmer is taking part in global research to develop drought resistant corn as worldwide temperatures continue to rise.

Ed Nugent rents 15 acres of his property at Pates Farm in Muldrow as a test plot to WinField Solutions, a subsidiary of Land O'Lakes cooperative). It is one of more than 200 test plots around the world collecting information for the agricultural company.

Audie Wolf, Senior Crop Adviser for WinField Solutions, said the technology has made significant advancements over the years.

"The old days you just took a corn hybrid and you threw it out on the field," said Wolf. "That's not how we do it anymore."

Wolf said experts now use satellite imagery to map their fields to help them determine where to plant their crops. He said this makes for more successful placement.

At the site in Muldrow, researchers are testing corn hybrids for factors like resistance to root worm and drought tolerance.

"For these days that we don't have very much rain like we've been having, it's going to help us tolerate that heat a little better," said Wolf.

Wolf said the test plots help growers find the best product to meet the demands of the world's growing population.

WinField Solutions will host a "field day" Tuesday, July 23 at the test site in Muldrow for growers interested in learning more about the research taking place on the test plot. The event will begin at 6 p.m.

"We'll walk throughout the field. We'll pull ears up, dig plants out. All that good stuff. Get down and dirty, and look at everything we've got," said Wolf.

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