Police Use Stun Gun, Water Pellets to Subdue Armed Man

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An Oklahoma man was arrested Wednesday (July 18) in Benton County after Bella Vista police say he threatened to kill them and their K-9 police dog.

Kirkland Blackbear, 37, of Watonga, Okla., is facing charges of terroristic threatening, domestic battery, resisting arrest, fleeing from police, disorderly conduct and public intoxication, according to a police report.

Officers responded to 14765 Oak Hill Road late Wednesday after a caller said Blackbear was holding a knife to someone’s throat. Blackbear ran into the woods before police arrived, authorities said.

Deputies from the Benton County Sheriff's Office and a K-9 officer joined the search for Blackbear. He was found in the woods holding a knife to his hand, after which he threatened to kill officers and the police dog, police said.

Blackbear charged toward police with the knife, and they used non-lethal hydro-kinetic rounds and a Taser to subdue him.

"It knocked him to the ground; still tried to get him to comply," said Capt. Tim Hook with Bella Vista police. "He continued to hold onto the knife; he was then tazed and at this time let go of the knife, and deputies were able to handcuff him."

Blackbear was booked into the Benton County Jail.

Non-lethal hydro kinetic rounds look similar to shotgun shells, but contain a liquid-filled bag that produces a painful stinging instead of penetrating the skin.

Blackbear's wife said she does not believe the police's story.

"I know the part about being held at knifepoint ain't true. You know, he never held anybody at knifepoint except himself, like I said. He's suicidal at the moment," said the girlfriend, who asked to remain anonymous. "Our kids are upset, understandably, but we are just trying to get by."

Nearby neighbors said this type of incident is out of the ordinary.

"That's scary because it concerns me for the folks in our neighborhood, our kids," said Lynn Schmidt. "And you would hope that this would be safe."

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