Duck Dynasty Members Visit Bentonville

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The Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his only beardless son Alan visited the Bentonville Sam's Club Saturday (July 20) to sign Phil's new book "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander."

Floyd Haws, from Rogers, has had a long flowing beard for eight years. When he walked to the line some had to look twice. He's a Duck Dynasty look-alike who made the line to see the real deal.

"They say I kind of resemble Si," Haws said.

Haws said his beard gets a lot of attention because of the show.

"I had one gal at the VA hospital ask me to take a picture with her," Haws said.

Haws was one of hundreds who stood in a line that wrapped around the Bentonville Sam's Club.

"That's the whole thing about it, there's so many different things that someone can relate to at least one of them," Haws said.

Kristopher Michael Perry and his 13-year-old son Kristopher Michael Perry Jr. were first in line. They arrived around 4 a.m.

"We like to hunt, which inspires me but that's not the main thing that draws me to them," Perry Sr. said. "It's probably the tight family nit, their morals and beliefs that I stand behind with them,"

Perry Sr. said he skimmed through the book.

"I haven't gotten all the way through it, but I know after today, seeing them will light my fire to read the book," Perry said.

The father and son duo said this experience will be a lasting memory.

"I know that this is going to be a story to tell, one for the books, absolutely," Perry Sr. said.

The Robertson men have inspired some fans to do something different with their look such as Rodney Dennis from Pineville, MO. Dennis said to get it that length it took about a year.

"I tease my wife and tell her I started because I want to be one of the, well you know it's the Duck Dynasty beard," Dennis said.

His son Nick Hobbie, 11, came with his best friend Nathan Hopper, 11 who was celebrating his birthday.

”I’m a really huge fan, we have all the DVDs," Hopper said. "We love watching it and it’s just so much fun.”

Hobbie said, ”I guess me and his favorite person is probably Si. One of our dreams is to go to West Monroe, Louisiana to their shop."

The reality series Duck Dynasty airs on A&E. The fourth season kicks off this August.