Portion of Fort Smith Under Precautionary Boil Order

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A portion of western Fort Smith and Arkoma, Okla., is under a precautionary boil order, officials said Sunday.

A water main line on Wheeler Avenue ruptured Friday and took longer than expected to repair, officials said. Officials said protocol requires a precautionary boil order under such circumstances.

The line has been repaired, officials said. The notice issued by the city at 6:30 p.m. Saturday said order will be in place until water is cleared for consumption by tests.

Officials told 5NEWS that no water has tested positive for contaminates as of Sunday afternoon. Everyone possibly affected by the boil order was notified of the boil order.

The notice said that one the water is confirmed safe for consumption again, the city will notify people with a written repeal notice.

The order is for the following areas of Fort Smith and Arkoma, Okla.:

  • Wheeler Ave. from Fresno to Louisville
  • Fresno from Stateline Rd. to Wheeler
  • Stateline Rd. from Fresno to Echols Ave. (Arkoma, OK)
  • So. 5 from Fresno, north to end of street
  • Houston Cir. From end of street to Wheeler
  • Knoxville from Wheeler to So. 10
  • So. 10 from Knoxville to Louisville
  • Louisville from Wheeler to Towson

People are advised to boil the water for at least one minute before consumption, even for making ice. Water for bathing is considered safe although children should be monitored to make sure they don't swallow any water, the notice said.