Early Storm Leaves Lightning Damage in Rogers

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Storms that tore through Benton County Monday (July 22) brought around two to three inches of rain and a lot of lightning. One lightning strike damaged a tree on 16th Street in Rogers.

Resident said the lightning bolt was loud and terrifying for some.

"It shook the entire house and the power went out," said Travest Settles.

Jeff Goostree, who lives next door said, "It was incredible, just a huge explosion."

Settles and Goostree said they were surprised by the damage to the tree.

"It tore up the roots and I've never seen anything that powerful do that. The roots are everywhere," Settles said.

Goostree said, "It blew all the bark, it blew off the roots completely out of the ground. We found the shrapnel all the way across the street in both neighbors yards and we spent a few moments picking that up."

Betty Allen leases the home where the lightning bolt struck the tree. Allen was at the grocery store when it happened.

"I would have been scared to death if I would have been here by myself, if that would have happened because they say it sounded like a bomb went off,” said Allen.

Some in the neighborhood lost power temporarily. No other damage was reported from the rainfall or thunderstorm.