5NEWS Fit: ZumbAtomic

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This 5NEWS Fit is for all you parents who have energetic little ones who love to dance. ZumbAtomic is a Zumba class designed just for kids.

Tracey Harper is the instructor at Marvin Altman Fitness in Fort Smith. After years of taking the adult classes, she says she wanted to involve her daughters.

“You never know what you're going to expect,” said Harper. “If you're going to get little bitty ones or bigger ones, so you kind of have to have routines that anyone could do.”

Armed with shoes that light up with each stomp, kids are ready bust a move. The music consists of songs they know on the radio.

"They love the One Direction songs, Justin Bieber,” said Harper.

Songs like the Hamster Dance really pump up the energy.

Some parents do the class with their kids, but for others, it gives them a chance to do their own routine knowing their kids are in good hands.

"This is something they can do to stay healthy and they just have fun doing it," said mother Alicia Legg.

After each class, every dancer gets to pick out a sticker then their happy feet head home.

“She'll take a good nap this afternoon, so that's good for me too," laughed Legg.

You can also do the dance parties at your house. In addition to the Zumba courses, Harper says she finds some dance moves on YouTube.

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