Fastdogs Win 77 Games, Finish World Series Runner Up

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Thousands of kids spend their summer playing both baseball and softball.

A group of girls called the Fastdogs do it just a little bit better.

"This team has been together for five years, have had great success, great group of girls and they wanted to go to Panama City, Fla. which is the toughest tournament in the nation" coach Ronnie Clements said.

Whether it was one of the toughest tournaments in the country or not, the group of 10-and-under girls from the river valley would battle with the best.

"I was glad to get in second," Harley Terry said. "First would have been better but I had a good time just going to the beach and just going playing softball."

"We hit the ball good, we played good defense and it was a lof of fun hanging out with all my teammates," Allison Sockey said.

This is the fifth season that the team has been together and it's obvious that the bond they have goes beyond the softball diamond.

"I love these girls," Rheding Wagoner said. "They are like my other family. I spend most of the time with them than I do with my own family probably."

"They are my second family to me because we did stay in Panama with all of my friends," Haven Clements said. "They are always very helpful and supporting. I love this team. They're so nice and everyone is so helpful."

The Fastdogs compiled a 77-20 record over the summer but will have to move to the 12-and-under division next year. A step they aren't too worried about.

"Because they are so talented, every game is just practice," Ronnie Clements said. "Getting them ready for junior high and high school sports and these girls are all local girls. Just very very talented."

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