Video: Machete Attack Survivor Questioned By Police

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A judge this week allowed the release of 911 calls and police video in a machete attack that left two men dead in Fort Smith. Gregory Aaron Kinsey is accused of killing Brandon Prince and Nathan Young, and faces two counts of capital murder.

Newly-released police video shows attack survivor Nathan Maynard being questioned by detectives after the incident.

"All I heard was some deep voice, and he just said he was Satan," said Maynard.  “Nate fell down and that guy just came up on and just hacked him. That's when I came up with that big log, man, and after I ran and told them to call the police he was still out there hacking on them."

Kinsey said he fled to his mother's home after the machete attack.  She was brought in for questioning as well.

“He’s been institutionalized over four times,” said Kinsey’s mother, Kimberley LeClaire. “He’s got stitches in his right arm right now from trying to commit suicide.”

A 911 call came in that night from a chaotic call.

"Can you ask somebody what happened?” said the operator.

“Somebody was talking to this dude, and they ran out there and somehow he got caught or shot,” said the caller. “I don`t know what happened. I was inside taking care of my kids.”

“I need to know if he got shot, if he got stabbed?” said the operator.

“It’s a big gash, so I’m guessing he got stabbed, Ma’am, I don`t know. Just get somebody out here; quit questioning me,” said the frantic caller.

As all parties involved continue to deal with the events that occurred the night of June 26, they will have to wait until the next court date, which has yet to be set. The judge also barred the release of two videos from Kinsey’s cell phone.