Recent Rains Cause Concern in Scott County

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Recent rainfall is focusing attention on a levee in Scott County that ruptured during spring flooding on May 31 as deadly and destructive flood waters ripped through the area.

People in YCity say they're keeping a close eye on the river as it continues to rise.

Rick Hawthorne, who lives next to the broken levee, said just the sound of round causes concern.

"That flood of that night changed everything," Hawthorne said. "We just couldn't believe that it happened. One night and it changed our world."

"It's not over for us," Kathy Venable, who also lives on the river, said.

Bernis Rogers agreed, saying it won't take much more rain for his home to be flooded again.

"If we do get a good hard rain, it's going to come through here again and I'm going to be right back in the same place I was to start with and so are a lot of other people," Rogers said.

"It's every house that is on this river up and down or by it or near a creek," Venable said. "They have the same anxiety, the same fear, the same tension going to bed and they can't sleep: What do I do? What do I do? What should I do?"

County officials have said ti could be years before the money is available to fix the levee.

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