Bus Carrying Church Camp Teens Crashes; Three Dead

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(CNN) — Three people were killed and 19 injured when a bus carrying about 40 passengers to an Indianapolis church overturned Saturday afternoon.

“I saw bodies everywhere, kids in shock and disbelief,” said John Murphy, who had stopped along the northern Indianapolis road. “There was an awful lot of blood.”

The bus was returning from a camp in Michigan, said Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

Most of those on board were teenagers, according to Indianapolis Fire Department spokeswoman Rita Burris.

The driver told witnesses that the vehicle’s brakes failed as he was trying to make a left turn, she said.

The bus ended up on its side on a concrete road barrier with luggage and other debris strewn on the roadway.

Indianapolis police spokesman Michael Hewitt said two passengers were airlifted from the crash, eight were driven to local hospitals and nine were treated and released at the scene of the accident.

The bus is believed to be the only vehicle involved in the crash, according to Hewitt.

“Please pray for all involved,” the Indianapolis Fire Department tweeted.

Rose Vorenkamp was driving when she saw the overturned bus and saw “people running” to help. Having been trained through her job in first aid and CPR, she moved closer and saw what she described as a girl trapped under the bus, bloodied passengers with head injuries and at least one person with a dislocated shoulder.

The fire department noted that four passers-by arrived first to help, including one who helped pull the driver from the bus.

Those helping were met soon by firefighters and crews from 12 ambulances and four helicopters.

By then, traffic in the area had been shut down, and all the casualties had been sent to local hospitals. Family members subsequently gathered at the church, Colonial Hills Baptist, where the bus had been heading.

The scene there was “remarkably positive, very sad, but at the same time very together,” Ballard said.

“Some of the teenagers are hurting very badly; you can see it in their faces,” the mayor said.

Some people at the church thanked him for visiting and generally appeared strong, Ballard added, surmising that “it’s very clear that they are being guided by their faith right now.”

Still, the mayor added, they might have some tough days ahead of them.

“The next few days are always very, very painful as they come out of the shock of it,” he said.

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