5NEWS Fit: Aqua Zumba

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We all know swimming is good exercise, but have you ever danced in the water? We’re wrapping up our 5NEWS Fit Zumba series with a unique class.

"It's like a pool party with exercise," said student Ryan Berkins.

Splash your way into shape with Aqua Zumba.

"It's your body going against the water resistance, so you're strengthening, toning everything on top and getting your cardio workout," said instructor Cecelia Pellin-Stephens.

Pellin-Stephens has been an Aqua Zumba instructor at Marvin Altman Fitness Center in Fort Smith for a year.

"My classes have gone from one class to now six classes a week, so it has grown pretty big," said Pellin-Stephen.

The low impact workout is popular for those with injuries, like Jackie Miller.

"I had knee injections for five weeks and my doctor told me, 'why don't you try water aerobics?’'" said Miller. “Then I came in here, we walk back and forth then we do our exercise.”

Carrie Armstrong used to do regular Zumba classes, but a knee injury also forced her to take to the water.

"It's a little bit harder to do because the things she's doing, she might have four kicks to your two." said Armstrong of the routine.

"This is the hardest because you’ve got to move the water, and you're losing more weight quicker because it's harder," said Miller.

That's another perk to Aqua Zumba; these students say it really does help you lose weight.

"I dropped 15 pounds in about two weeks," said Armstrong.

Since you're under water, you may not feel as silly shaking it and busting a move .The class appeals to all ages with songs that will pump you up to dance and just have fun with a refreshing workout.