Man Who Tried To Save Elderly Woman From Fire Identified

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The day after an elderly woman was killed in a Pea Ridge fire, the man who tried to save her was identified as 22-year-old Chase Henry.

Henry attempted to battle the flames of a mobile home fire just off of Highway 94 on Tuesday afternoon by using a garden hose, but suffered smoke inhalation and burns in the process. He was rushed to Mercy Medical Center in Rogers with non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Pea Ridge Fire Department.

Eva Simpson, 84, died in the fire, and her body was taken from the scene by the Benton County Coroner.

Henry was not listed Wednesday as a patient at the hospital, which often means the patient has been released.

Henry saw the flames while near the home, and rushed to the fire to try to extinguish it, according to the fire department. While on the scene, Henry also called 911, at about 2:30 p.m.

“Broke into a back door, made forcible entry, brought in a garden hose, did a considerable amount of firework before the fire department got here, and the fire department was here within three minutes,” said Pea Ridge Fire Chief Frank Rizzio.

Fire crews believe the flames were caused by an electrical fire.

“There’s one portion in the hallway that has some damage to an electrical circuit,” Rizzio said. “We’re pinning it on that right now.”

Authorities said Simpson lived alone. A neighbor said the victim’s husband died a few years ago.