Fort Smith Police Working Toward Another Accreditation

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The Fort Smith Police Department is under strict review as they work to have their communications department re-accredited through a national commission board.

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, known as “CALEA” is taking a look at what’s being done at the police station and what could be done to improve law enforcement capabilities, prevent and control crime and reduce liability.

Fort Smith police received their first law enforcement accreditation in 2003. They then received their first public safety communications accreditation in 2007.

Next year, the department hopes to have their training center accredited, as well.

Currently, the department is the only dually accredited police station in the state. Police chief Kevin Lindsey explains that having all three accredited would just go to show their commitment to the community.

“I think it also represents the department well to our citizens,” he said. “They can rest easier knowing that.”

The accreditors are looking to hear from the public about the department and how they handle emergencies. The CALEA will take calls from the public between 2-4 p.m. Monday (Aug. 5). You can offer your comments by calling (479) 709-5238.

The chief says the accreditation process is expected to wrap up Wednesday.