BLOG: Bacon Doritos

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It seems like Japan is having all the fun when it comes to Doritos. Gone are the days of trying to decide between two flavors of this popular snack chip, Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch. The tortilla chip now comes in flavors like Salsa Verde, Spicy Sweet Chili, Taco, Enchilada, even Ranch Dipped Hot Wings to name just a few. In fact, there are 20 different kinds listed on the Frito-Lay website (including the reduced fat versions).

However, there are two flavors of Doritos, only available in Japan: Peppery Pork and Gourmet Smoke Bacon.

Bacon flavored chips. Or to be more specific, bacon flavored Doritos. The first version, the Peppery Pork Doritos, have apparently been around since 2009, according to food blogs. The newest version, the Gourmet Smoke Bacon Doritos is new to store shelves in Japan.

It remains unclear whether the bacon-y Doritos will hit store shelves in the USA.

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