VIDEO: Arkansas Defense Gives Practice Update

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The second week of fall camp is winding down for the Razorbacks. Here are some tidbits from the defensive coaches and players on Thursday:

Cornerback coach Taver Johnson

  1. Not one of the better days, guys were sluggish but pads were popping
  2. Looking for crazy intensity for the scrimmage, focusing and tackling
  3. Didn't turn the ball over enough, need to force mistakes


Defensive end JaMichael Winston

  1. The defensive ends are all coming into their own at once and depth looks good
  2. Was a slow start to the day but picked things up and ready for tomorrow


Defensive end Trey Flowers

  1. Came out slow but today is over, tomorrow is new and need to be more focused
  2. Been working a lot on forcing turnovers and stripping the ball


Linebacker Brooks Ellis

  1. Guys didn't have minds right but will come out tomorrow with better attitude
  2. Linebacker transition from high school to college has been made easier with a good defensive line.


Cornerback Will Hines

  1. Defense needs to come out with more energy in next scrimmage and match the offense in big plays
  2. Personally needs to improve on staying lowing and getting good jump
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