Football Players Chow Down For Good Cause

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When it comes to high school football, rivalries can get pretty serious. So serious in fact, five local boys from Greenwood, Alma, Van Buren, Northside and Southside represented their teams in a contest to see who could eat the most Hardee's thick-burgers in just five minutes.

"You know high school rivalries in our area are the biggest thing," said Tommy Craft of ESPN 96.3FM. "Whether it's Alma playing Van Buren, whether its Greenwood, Alma, Northside, Southside- what a great way to start high school football season than to get those schools in here."

"Anytime you can get these area schools together its just fun," said Hardee's Manager Dewayne Fabor. "They are all competitive, their answers today were they were going to eat more than the next one, and that's kind of what they did."

Kind of might be an understatement as these five boys chowed down as if they were pros, competing not only for bragging rights, but a trophy and a $400 donation to their school's booster club. These thick-burgers are not small. Just let senior Dillon Kinsey of Van Buren tell you about his experience in winning the title.

"At first I had a lot of fun, but then towards the end it started getting hard and started getting miserable," said Kinsey. "It wasn't much fun but I'm glad I won. I expected to win, but man I don't recommend it. It was horrible."

It may not be fun to compete in but there was a packed house to see these players eat their way into misery, but for runner up Deontre Hardwick of Northside, it wasn't so bad.

"Yes, I had fun," said Hardwick. "Food is always fun."

Food is fun, until it comes back up and thankfully there was none of that.

"Fortunately we have avoided the reversal of fortune as they say" said Craft.

"I was getting close," said Kinsley. "If I would have finished that fourth one, I might have."

The event preceded the nine-year tradition of ESPN 96.3 FM and Hardee's, giving away a free prize to a fan. One lucky person was selected to attend the Rutgers- Arkansas game in late September in New York City.

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