Bentonville School Enrollment Hits Record High

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The Bentonville School District is welcoming records number this school year. Monday (Aug. 19) more than 15,000 students reported to class.

Bentonville High School enrollment is up to 4,000 students this year. Officials have held numerous public meetings to inform citizens about the need for a second high school. The school district was placed on probation by the Arkansas State Board of Education, due to overcrowding.  Next month, residents will vote on a millage increase for a second high school can be built.

Monday was also the first day for Bentonville’s new school, Fulbright Junior High School.  During the summer, the district worked to tighten security at schools by installing video surveillance cameras and key swipe entry cards.

In Fayetteville, high school student will also see a change. The district is finishing phase 2 of its multi-year expansion construction project, which includes 55 new classrooms.