Jeff Williams Enters Race for Washington County Judge

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Washington County Assessor Jeff Williams said Monday (Aug. 19) he is running for the county judge post in the 2014 election.

“I have heard the requests from business and civic leaders, from school administrators and government leaders, and from citizens of both the conservative and liberal camps,” he said in a prepared statement.

Among other goals, Williams said he wants to consolidate county offices into a single facility.

County Judge Marilyn Edwards, a Democrat who began serving in the position five years ago, said she is seeking re-election to another two-year term.

As first reported by 5NEWS, Williams, long rumored to be a potential candidate for county judge, earlier this month created an @jeffforjudge Twitter handle after stepping down from his leadership post as Washington County Republican Committee chairman.

The local GOP named Springdale Republican Julie Harris as interim chairman until an election can be held in September. Local Republicans Ralph Hudson and Lance Johnson are vying for the chairmanship.

Read Jeff Williams’ campaign statement here.