Woman Dead In Fayetteville Stabbing

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Fayetteville police found a dead woman after responding to a stabbing call at a South College Avenue home Wednesday afternoon.

Police received a call of a stabbing at 510 S. College Ave. at 3:52 p.m. Crews with Central Emergency Medical Services also responded to the scene. Officers found a dead woman inside the home and are in the beginning stages of a homicide investigation, said Sgt. Craig Stout with the Fayetteville Police Department.

"I just really couldn't believe it would happen," said Jennifer Nesbite, lives near the crime scene.

Nesbite's daughter was playing outside with other children and she said having a crime scene nearby is tough.

"Just to protect their innocence because they shouldn't have to worry about something like that," Nesbite said.

Police canvassed the neighborhood and blocked S. College Ave. between E. 4th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Investigators had three homes taped off.

"We have one crime scene that we know of," Sgt. Stout said. "There may be a secondary crime scene as well. That's always a possibility so you want make sure you don't limit your movements."

Washington County Prosecutor John Threet was also at the scene, along with police investigators. Detectives are trying to get a search warrant to process the crime scene.

David Elliot who lives down the road from the crime scene said he noticed the police until detectives knocked at his door.

"These days anymore not as shocked but it's not nice to have it in my own neighborhood," said Elliott.

Detectives waited for a search warrant before entering the home. They wore blue gloves, took pictures and brought out bags of evidence.

Property records show the home belongs to Shirley Ann Wolfe. Police said they think the deceased woman was a resident of the home.