U of A Students Move On Campus This Week

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Mini fridges. Posters. Laundry baskets. These and more were moved into dormitory rooms by the masses this week at the University of Arkansas.

Around 4,300 students are moving in on campus, according to Scott Flanigan with the division of student affairs.

Founder's Hall, a suite-style dorm, and Hotz Hall, the freshman honors dorm were opened this year, offering 750 beds to students.

Hotz Hall was opened in 1965 as a dormitory and eventually became a building for administrative offices, according to Flanigan.

The building took about a year to be renovated and opened its doors to freshmen.

"We`re the first people, so everything is completely unscratched and it`s really actually nice for a dorm," freshman Kate McBeth said.

Many freshmen are moving out from their childhood homes to go to college. Phyllis Burgener is from Hot Springs and talked about moving her son into Hotz Hall.

"We`re thankful that he gets the chance, the opportunity to come here," she said.

"We are going to miss him and the tears will probably be flowing this afternoon, but he`s very very excited and looking forward to being in the new honors dorm."

Many opportunities are offered to college students at the university. Luke Graber of Hot Springs moved in on Tuesday (Aug. 20) and has been dreaming of going to the U of A since he was a kid.

"It`s just such an incredible feeling to actually be here and to get things started," he said.