Woman Faces Child Sexual Indecency Charge For Facebook Photos

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A 21-year-old Fayetteville woman faces a felony charge of sexual indecency with a child after a 14-year-old juvenile told police the two had exchanged explicit photographs on Facebook.

Taasha Yoakum was booked in the Washington County Detention Center on Friday evening and has a bond of $5,000, according to the Sheriff's Office website. Yoakum has a Sept. 16 court date.

A preliminary police report said an investigation was started after a person called police Wednesday to tell officers about explicit photographs and text messages that had been found on Yoakum's computer. Throughout the police report, the identities of the original complainant and the juvenile are obscured, as are their genders.

The complainant told officers Yoakum was a high school acquaintance and had moved in after she had been kicked out of her residence. The complainant noticed Yoakum spent a lot of time on her laptop and took it with her into the bathroom, the report said.

When Yoakum left Wednesday with her boyfriend, the complainant noticed she had left her Facebook account opened and noticed she had been messaging a juvenile, the report said. When the complainant scrolled through the message box, the complainant noticed five or six naked photographs of Yoakum, including closeups of her private area, the report said.

The complainant told officers there were also naked pictures of the juvenile that had been sent to Yoakum, the report said.

The report said officers contacted the resource officer at the juvenile's school, and the juvenile was taken to be interviewed by police at the Children's Safety Center in Springdale. The juvenile eventually admitted to sending pictures and receiving them from "Taasha", the report said, and the juvenile said, "It was a mistake."

The juvenile told officers that the juvenile had met Yoakum at a friend's house and began messaging with her before the juvenile left to attend church camp on July 15, the report said. The juvenile told Yoakum the juvenile's age was 14 even though the Facebook profile said otherwise, the report said.

The juvenile said Yoakum sent photographs and continuously asked for photographs in returns, and the juvenile relented in early August with four photos, including two topless and one of the juvenile's private area, the report said. The juvenile told officers there had been no contact with Yoakum since because the juvenile "felt bad" about sending them, the report said.

The report said officers searched the juvenile's phone and found the conversation between the two, including when Yoakum told the juvenile she wanted to sleep with the juvenile.