Security Changes Under Way in Van Buren Schools

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The Van Buren School District is working to increase security at some of the district’s facilities.

Deputy Superintendent Kerry Schneider says a new $10,000 magnetic locking system will be installed on the doors at seven facilities, except the high school.

The lock system requires visitors be buzzed into the building, instead of freely walking in.

"During school hours you can only get into the school through the front doors,” said teacher Terri Wallmark. “There are people on duty in between classes after school before school."

Many parents are happy with the new security plans, which also include hanging tags for vehicles of parents permitted to be on campus and pick up students. At Butterfield Trail Middle School in Van Buren some parents say they are all for the new added security but some say the district has a long road ahead of them.

"Fears there, I’m scared that there's not enough security in Van Buren School District,” said parent Jamie Voightlander.  “Honestly, some of my kids have had friends ride home on the bus with them without permission. How does that happen?"

Along with a stricter school policy on student checkout, Voightlander said she likes the idea of teachers being armed.

Schneider says Tate Elementarily has already installed the new security system. The system has been ordered for six other schools and should be installed soon.