Two People Escape Springdale House Fire

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Two Springdale homeowners ran for safety Wednesday morning (Aug. 28) as their house on Southfork Street caught fire.

The fire started around 9 a.m., according to firefighters on the scene. The cause of the fire and where it started is unknown at this time.

The home sustained heavy roof damage, but the two people inside managed to make it out okay.

The homeowners said they will not be able to live in the home and will have to stay with family in the area.

Homeowner, Psane Bouangbare, said they lost almost everything, but do have insurance.

He said he feels sad about the house, it's covered, but it doesn't cover everything.

Bouangbare said he was in the garage and his wife was on the side of the house when the fire started at the back of the house.

He said they ran out of the house into the front yard and as fire trucks arrived the flames came the roof and it collapsed.

Four fire trucks and rescue teams responded to the scene.

"They called for a stand-by team in case on our firefighters got injured or have to be rescued," said Captain David Kissinger, Springdale Fire Department.

EMS were also on stand-by in case firefighters got overheated.

The house next door also received some damage, the heat from the fire melted the siding of the home.

Bouangbare said they bought the home less than a year ago.

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