Road Hogs Gear Up For Game Day

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The Road Hogs rolled into Fayetteville Friday (Aug. 29) showing their love for their Razorbacks, a tradition that brings people from all over the region.

“The Road Hogs we are one big family,” said Jim Eden, Road Hog member.

Some have been coming here since the beginning.

“I think the park is 12 years old so, we`ve been here from the get go and entertaining ever since,” said Tommy Gibbs.

“This is our 8th year and we try to go on most away games and all the home games, always support the hogs win or lose,” added Bob Lucky.

Gibbs has spent years making improvements to “The Deck” and has spent the last week painting the deck red for game day.

He said he`ll have a professional chef cook up some food and more than 50 people watch the game from a flat screen T.V. installed on the side of the R.V.

“Sit back and watch college football and have a drink and enjoy tailgating,” said Gibbs.

The devoted hog fans said this is a new era for the Razorbacks and have high hopes for the team.

“I think that we`re going to be, I would say 7-4 or 7-5 or maybe 8-4 with a little bit of luck and hope we don`t get too many people hurt,” said Dennis Farmer.

“I think coach Bielema has got us going in the right direction, love the assistant coaches, they seem to be excellent recruiters, we got some really good recruits coming in,” added Eden.

Kick-off against Louisiana-Lafayette is at 3 p.m. Saturday.