5 Arrested in Fayetteville Prostitution Sting

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Fayetteville police arrested five people in a prostitution sting at a local hotel Tuesday night (Sept. 10).

Nicole Richie, Marcy Reeves, Isabella Cook and Beverly Hewitt, were arrested on misdemeanor prostitution charges. Police also arrested 76-year-old Larry Lewis for sexual solicitation and disorderly conduct.

During the sting, officers posed as potential clients and arranged to meet the women at a hotel. When the women arrived, they negotiated prices to exchange money for sexual acts and arrests were made.

“There are have been other issues where people have been injured severely because people who have may not have paid or someone else but there`s a lot of residual crimes that go along with prostitution,” said Sgt. Craig Stout with Fayetteville Police.

Police say another concern in prostitution stings is human trafficking in which Fayetteville police have not encountered.