BLOG: Miss KS To Show Tattoos at Pageant

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A long standing taboo in the pageant world of showing tattoos is about to be broken. Miss Kansas, Theresa Vail, will compete on stage in Miss America 2014 with her two tattoos visible–something which has never been done in pageant history.

Those close to Vail say the 22 year-old solider is confident in not only her decision to get the tattoos, but to show them as well. One is the text of a prayer, the other is a military insignia.

Vail, who sings opera and is fluent in Chinese, aspires to be a military dentist. She has grown up in a military family and has served the country as a solider for the past six years. She is also an avid hunter.

If Vail wins Miss America, she would be Kansas’ first Miss America in 45 years. Miss America 2014 will be crowned September 15th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

You can read more about her platform and see a photo gallery, HERE.