Fort Smith Intersection May Not See Four-Way Stop

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Fort Smith City Director, Kevin Settle, said an intersection where a local teacher was killed needs a four-way stop, but the Fort Smith Street Department said there isn’t enough traffic for the stop to be warranted.

“I think the standard is way too high, said City Director, Kevin Settle. “I think the bar is too high."

Settle said there's no question that the intersection of Chad Colley Boulevard and Massard Road, where Crystal Buswell was killed last month needs a four-way stop.

Greg Riley, Fort Smith Street and Traffic Control Director said traffic isn't heavy enough. Riley said 300 cars would need to pass through in one hour for the stop to be warranted.

Riley said when they set a traffic counter out this month they only found about 230 cars traveling per hour. Riley said they would need a 30 percent increase to have the four-way stop warranted.

"That`s a lot of cars per hour you`re looking at," said Riley. "Adding 70 cars an hour, that's a significant jump."

Riley said the traffic counter wasn't the only factor in the study.

"We looked at accident reports and that's the only accident that's occurred at that intersection,” said Riley.

As Settle remains determined for the stop, he said as economic development in the area grows so will traffic.

Riley said plans for lower speed limits and signs that note a two-way stop is approaching are developing.

Settle said a decision will be made Tuesday night on the four-way stop.