Business Strategy During Football Season

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The late morning Razorback vs. Southern Miss home game had some businesses opening earlier to be ready for the wave of fans before kick-off.

The boutique Something Urban on Dickson Street opened two hours early at 9 a.m. and its associates said business triples during home games.

"We'll have lots of wives comes in while their husband's are going to breakfast or going to set everything up," said Wendy Dozier, sales associate.

Opening early wasn't the only strategy. They had a radio system with live coverage of the football game and made sure their front window display was all Razorback.

"People will come all day and after the game, so it's really fun to work on game day," Dozier said.

According to a University of Arkansas Athletics Economic Impact Study, an average football game generated $4,900,437 in visitor spending.

The study states the football games in the fall have a significant impact on hotel occupancy rates, and hotel and restaurant taxes. For example, the hotel tax collection in Northwest Arkansas cities are 14.6 percent higher in the fall months compared to the rest of the year.

The two Little Rock sisters Katherine Davidson, 16, and Julia Davidson, 15, were shopping with their mom.

"We always like to come shop," Katherine said.

Julia added, "The red for the Razorback games is what we need for every weekend."

With a 3-0 winning streak, Dozier said fans are expected to spend more cash during the rest of the football season.

"Everyone is really excited about the new coach and the new coach's wife is really big in local shopping and that's really exciting," Dozier said.

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