Alma Millage To Increase School Security Fails At Polls

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Voters rejected a millage increase proposal in Tuesday's special election aimed at raising money to increase security measures at Alma schools.

The proposal to increase property taxes to pay for the plan failed 1,048 (61 percent) to 668 (39 percent), according to the county election commission.

Early voters in the election did not approve of increasing property taxes to pay for more school security in Alma schools, and the trend continued throughout the night, as the Crawford County Election Commission counted the votes.

"We think all of these things need to be done and if this proposal is not approved then we will start looking at what are the other ways that we might could do this." said Alma School Superintendent David Woolly.

Administrators earlier this week touted a plan to add armed guards---possibly police officers---and 250 cameras, along with other measures, in order to ensure students in the Alma School District are safe. The plan was to come on the back of a millage increase, to the tune of $1.2 million.

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In the school board election, Chapen Rucker won the Position 4 seat. The position was being vacated by Richard Craft, a 20 year veteran. Rucker defeated Rinda Baker 1,152 votes to 540.