Mystery Clown Terrorizes UK Town

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NORTHAMPTON, UK (WTVR) – A mystery is afoot in a quaint, sleepy town in Britain. Someone is dressing up as a clown and posting photos of their nighttime exploits on Facebook.

The creepy clown, who resembles the Pennywise character from Stephen King’s “It,” has been apparently lurking in the streets  since Friday the 13th.

The mystery clown posts photos on his Facebook page, which had amassed over 120,000 likes at last check, along with messages that end with Stephen King’s signature “beep, beep.” [LINK: Northampton clown’s Facebook page]

Folks in the English town of Northampton aren’t sure what to make of all the buzz, but hope they do not have a run-in with the clown.

“I’d probably run away. He’s got quite a mean face on him,” said one resident.

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