Washausen Making Difference at Alma Mater

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A little more than a decade ago coach Max Washausen used to be a standout receiver for Prairie Grove.  Now he coaches on the sidelines along Danny Abshier, his former head coach.

"The team player, the whatever you need me to do type of person," said head coach Danny Abshier. "He's been that ever since I've known him for playing football, baseball and he's been that for coaching too."

Coach Washausen played for the tigers from 2000 to 2002, setting several receiving records and led the tigers to an undefeated conference season in 2001.  His players look up to him for that.

"He gives the best advice because he did go undefeated," said senior fullback Nick Sugg. "Whatever advice he does give us, he's the one telling us to stick our head down and see where we are at, at the end of the day."

"Coach Washausen is my boy," said senior defensive end Connor West.  "We go way back to ninth grade, baseball coach, football coach, he's just a great guy to be around and a great role model to look up to."

At 28 years old Washausen still looks up to his role model, coach Abshier.

"He's like a dad to me till this day," said Washausen. "He's helped me be where I am today, he is a motivator. I just sit there and wait for his speeches on Friday before the games because it just gives me chills."

Even though Abshier says he feels old coaching with a former player, both enjoy it.

"It's good to have him around," said Abshier. "Knowing the system, knowing what we do, knowing what I want.

"He trusts me and I trust him and all the other coaches," said Washausen.  "It's just been a great experience."

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