The “Blues” of Bikes, Blues and Barbeque

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Dickson Street in Fayetteville is filled with music of all genres at Bikes, Blues and Barbeque.

"I mean look around, thousands of people are coming to the beer garden just for the music," said Deti Ledbetter, of Springdale.

Roger Simpson, of Kansas City, said, "I love Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Blue grass, all of it."

The four-day rally brings bands from all over the country. To get ready for the shows, there's a crew in charge of audio, lighting and the stage.

"It's just non-stop band after band taking care of their needs as they come," said Brandon Herbert, lighting designer and production manager for JTH Audio.

The production crew is there to provide an experience.

"I think the music is pretty important to the festival, as soon as the bands start and the main stage open it seems like the crowd comes alive," Herbert said.

Around 20 bands performed at the main stage near the Walton Arts Center.