Volunteers Clean Up After Bikes, Blues and BBQ

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After days of busy streets, the 14th Annual Bikes Blues and BBQ motorcycle rally has come to an end.

"We threw the biggest party in the midwest this weekend," said event director Joe Giles.

As the bikers headed out, hundreds of volunteers headed in Sunday (Sept. 22) morning working to clean up the aftermath.

"I hope everybody has a safe trip home," said Brett Lee, one of the vendors at the rally. "We had a great time, but you know we're tired and ready for it to be done."

"I am not the least bit sad [it's over]," Giles said. "You know, it was great fun but we're glad when it's over. We're glad the folks came in, but no, we're not sad everybody's leaving town."

Volunteers and event organizers spent Sunday tearing down tents, picking up trash and filling up dumpsters.

"We generate a little bit of trash here," Giles said. "We generally hire about 9 dumpsters and we'll fill them all up. We try to keep things as clean as possible."

Event organizers say by Monday (Sep. 23), you wont be able to tell the motorcycle rally was ever in town thanks to all of the help they get from volunteers.

"Those of us who actually run the rally, there are about 30 of us, and we can't do it all," Giles said. "We can't do it by ourselves. But groups come out, they help us clean up. Some of them do it just out of the goodness of their hearts."

After everything's cleaned up, Giles said he'll get started on planning next year's event.