Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Motorists

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Drivers in the River Valley may have noticed a large police presence on Interstate 40. Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies are cracking down on illegal activity.

Law enforcement are monitoring everything from seat belts and speeding to illegal drugs on the interstate.

"There are guys out there that haul illegal drugs and what not,” said semi driver, Jeff Glass.

5NEWS spoke to two undercover officers as they were investigating a moving truck, they said they are taking all traffic offenses seriously.

"If drivers would do it the way they were supposed to, they wouldn't crack down on us as hard,” said Glass.

Glass has driven semis for 23 years; he said depending on what the driver is hauling the stops can interfere with some drivers' routes.

"Especially grocery products, they need to move and they need to move quickly," said Glass.

As authorities continue to crack down on motorists, some in the area said they support the idea.

"I think they need to crack down more often,” said driver, Mary Farmer. “I think setting up road blocks could help."

Glass said he and other truck drivers undergo different levels of screening to ensure the safety of other motorists.

"When they hire, you have to go through a background check and periodically they drug screen. If you fail that's it, you’re done for five years."

Arkansas State Police said they are keeping a low profile during this annual operation targeting criminal activity but said this is just another day of the job.

Police are not releasing how long the stops will last at this time.