5NEWS Fit: Calorie Counting Apps

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Did you know your phone can help you lose weight? Weight loss apps are helping people shed pounds simply by counting calories.

At one point, Abe Mohammadione weighed 260 lbs. Once he turned 30-years-old, he decided it was time for a change, so he turned to his iPhone.

Using the weight loss app "Lose It," he tracked the number of calories in everything he ate.

Think of it as being a high-tech food journal. You can even scan the bar codes on products and the app will automatically tally the calories.

"The initial shock was finding out actually how many calories or how much fat or how much sodium was in a lot of the stuff I was eating on a regular basis." said Mohammadione.

Using the app, he said he lost 75 pounds in a year without exercising often.

Researchers say apps like these are helping people make better food choices.