Archery Season Approaching

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Bow season will officially start in the Natural State Saturday (Sept. 28).

Garrett McMahan and his family said they have been preparing for this archery season all year long.

“It’s opening day of archery deer season,” said Greg McMahan. “It's a big deal for everybody in this part of the country."

As the anticipation approaches, the McMahan's said with this year’s kick off falling on a Saturday the turnout is expected to be big.

"Archery season has a lot a lot of people that start practicing as early as May,” said Greg McMahan.

The family said crossbows have become popular in the past few years.

"Some of the crossbows are shooting close to 400 feet per second," said Greg McMahan.

As people across the state are getting ready for Saturday, the McMahan family said safety when hunting is key.

"Wearing orange is what makes it where people can see you,” said Garret McMahan. “Of course wearing proper safety gear if you are getting in a stand.”

Garret McMahan said the sport can be expensive but rewards come at an all-time high.

"Usually when you kill something that's usually the most exciting part,” said Garret McMahan.

Tackle Box employees said the weather is playing a major role in this season’s excitement.

"People are getting pretty excited about it,” said Jerry Knitting. “The biggest thing is the weathers changing and this unseasonably warm weather turned into some 55 and 60 degrees mornings."

As hunters pick up their last minute needs, archery season will officially shoot of Saturday morning at sunrise.

Store owners said bow and arrows can run anywhere from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.