Greenwood Man Spins Wheel of Fortune

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A Greenwood man spun the Wheel of Fortune on national TV Friday night (Sept. 27).

Todd Koch of Greenwood took home $13,500 on the popular game show.

His family and friends held a watch party for him at Joe's Cantina in Fort Smith. Even though the episode was taped in July, Koch said he kept the results to himself so they had to watch to find out how much he'd won.

In the end, Koch came out in second place. Regardless, he said it's an experience he'll never forget.

"It was pretty nerve-wracking," Koch said. "But then as the game progressed I kind of relaxed and said you know it's just a game on national TV, you know millions of people watching. But it was still fun nonetheless. It'll definitely be something I'll always remember."

Koch was chosen to be on the game show after auditioning at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa earlier this year.