Bank Error Sends Trillions to Fort Smith Woman’s Account

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$4,040,404,040,404.04 is what Molly Layes of Fort Smith saw on her computer screen Tuesday morning (Oct.3) when she checked her bank account. She said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the numbers.

"Your hearts starts racing when you see a large amount of money, especially when it's in your bank account,” said Layes. “It was almost scary.”

After Layes saw the digits on her screen, she wasn't sure if they were real or not, so she called BancorpSouth Bank to see if the numbers added up.

"Our bank over the last two days has been saying, what in the world created this?” said Saundra Lockhart, Vice President of BancorpSouth Marketing in Fort Smith. “We don't have an answer, it was not real numbers it was just a display."

Lockhart said to her knowledge this is the first time BancorpSouth has encountered anything like this.

Although the bank said the trillions of dollars was an error, Layes said she had a few purchases already in mind.

"One of my coworkers actually decided to plan a trip to buy an island,” said Layes.

Layes said she's been banking with BancorpSouth for close to three years and will continue to do so.

In addition to buying an island she said she would have donated most of her $4 trillion to charity.

The trillions of dollars that appeared in the account, is about a quarter of our nation’s debt, which is nearly $17 trillion.

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