Man accused of kicking puppy in a soccer style

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Quinton Smith, 21, was arrested just before 2am, Saturday (Oct. 5) for kicking a three month old puppy. According to the arrest report, Officer Hogan actually witnessed Smith kick the black female puppy.

The reports states “Quinton struck the puppy with a soccer style kick in this midsection.” The puppy was lifted from the ground and struck a nearby vehicle. Quinton’s eyes where bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol, according to the arrest report.

Quinton was arrested and booked in to the Washington County Jail on charges for animal cruelty, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.  Animal control took custody of the puppy.


  • Paula

    What a worthless piece of cr*p! People that abuse animals are just as likely to abuse a people. I hope this worthless thing doesn’t have kids. We need stiffer penalties for animal abuse.

  • Mike T.

    What an idiot! It takes a real man to do something of this sort to a defenseless animal! I hope he meets another real man in jail and he gets drop kicked!!!

  • ara Bartlett

    Thanks to Officer Hogan for acting and arresting this thoughtless young jerk. perhaps he will learn a lesson, and we know the puppy is now safe.

  • megan shockley

    This man will never make a good companion or father. They say if a man is good to animals he will be a good husband and father. Hope he never abuses a human that way or become a father ever.

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