Arkansas National Guard Recalling Workers

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The Arkansas National Guard is recalling most of the 738 furloughed dual-status military technicians, and civilian federal employees, after guidance was issued Saturday from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

The recall does not include 294 state employees of the Arkansas Military Department.

"While I am relieved we are putting most of our technicians back to work, I am deeply concerned about the continued financial and emotional impact on employees of the Arkansas Military Department," said Maj. Gen. William D. Wofford, The Adjutant General for Arkansas, "All our employees are critical to the mission of the Guard, we will not be back at 100% until the government shutdown ends and we are back to business as usual."

The Arkansas National Guard is conducting a phased recall of most of the 738 federal employees who are furloughed for the second time this year. In a memorandum issued to the services Saturday, the Office of the Sectary of Defense outlined guidance for implementation of the "Pay Our Military Act" signed into law Monday. Most of the 738 Arkansas National Guard technicians, and civilian federal employees, fall under the exempt categories listed in the memorandum and will be called into work Monday. However, there will be some dual-status military technicians and civilian federal employees who will remain furloughed during the shutdown.

The "Pay Our Military Act" does not restore funding for Inactive Duty Training (IDT), known as drill, for the Arkansas National Guard, continuing to impact training and readiness for nearly 10,000 Guardsmen statewide. The monthly economic impact of IDT across the state is $2,983,400 in lost wages alone.

Employees should not show up to work on Monday until notified by their supervisors.

"This is not over, and the impact on not only the Arkansas National Guard, but the Department of Defense, has devastating second and third order effects," said Wofford, "We are doing everything we can within the current statute to bring as many people back on the job as possible."

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  • Mark Smith

    It’s my understanding that furloughed workers will be paid retroactively for work the are not doing. Cash flow will be tough but something has got to be done to counter our out of control President.

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