Teen’s Joyride in Ambulance Ends in Rollover Crash

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An Oklahoma City teenager was taken to the hospital after allegedly stealing an ambulance from a gas station late Sunday night (Oct. 6).

Oklahoma City Police say the EMSA ambulance was still running outside a convenience store when the teen hopped in and took it for a joyride. The teen sped off while one of the medics was inside the store and another was waiting outside in the parking lot, according to our Tulsa CBS affiliate KOTV.

The teen drove onto Interstate 44, but soon crashed into a light pole, blocking the on-ramp to the interstate. No other cars were involved when the ambulance flipped.

Authorities were able to track the stolen ambulance using the vehicle’s GPS tracking device. According to emergency crews, leaving an ambulance running is standard procedure.

“The ambulance, it’s typically left running,” said Lt. Kevin Parton. “It has a pretty huge electrical load on the ambulance, and it has to maintain its internal temperature. The ambulance was running. The gentleman just walked by and got in the ambulance and just drove off.”

Authorities on the scene say they the suspect will face multiple charges, including at least one count of drug intoxication.

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