Portion of MLK Boulevard Closed Until Next Week

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Martin Luther King Boulevard is closed to traffic from College Avenue to Block Street until next Friday (Oct. 18).

Construction began today as crews removed the asphalt from a small bridge. The City of Fayetteville Transportation Department discovered on Friday (Oct. 4) that a portion of the support for the bridge had been washed away.

Authorities say that the bridge was probably built almost a century ago.

The road has been closed since Monday because city officials believe that it wasn't safe.

"If more of it had washed out or fell out from under it, then every vibration of every vehicle that went over it would just cause more to slide out from under it." Transportation Services Director Terry Gulley said. "So, it wasn't safe, that's why we blocked the road."

A sewage line is being re-routed until the road construction is over.