Bentonville Teen Hit By Truck Released From Hospital

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A Bentonville High School freshman who was struck by a pickup truck Thursday morning (Oct. 10) has been released from the hospital with bumps and bruises, according to the school district.

The ninth-grader was struck by the vehicle while running on Tiger Boulevard near Northeast Cub Circle, according to Bentonville police.

Authorities said the 14-year-old girl was jogging with the Bentonville High cross-country team just before 7 a.m. when she crossed the road and was hit by a black Ford Ranger, driven by Shelia Barnes. Then a silver Dodge pickup truck, driven by Jerry Guillory, rear-ended the Ranger.

Barnes and Guillory are both from Bentonville, according to police. Police said there were no citations issued.

"There was a truck that was west-bound that attempted to stop, however struck the runner and due to them stopping fast the vehicle behind them struck them as well," Sgt. Terry Wood with the Bentonville Police Department said.

Police said the freshman varsity runner didn't look both ways before crossing the road.

There are no flashing lights to indicate to drivers if someone is crossing at the crosswalk.

"Sometimes you get your mind on other things and you forget your environment, and it was just a mistake," Bentonville School District spokeswoman Mary Ley said. "She's a young girl, and it's easy to do."

Emergency responders took the girl to Mercy Hospital as a precaution with non-life-threatening injuries. Ley said the girl had some bruises and scratches.

Authorities said the girl's mother came to the scene.

Ley said that she believes the athletic department does a good job of talking to students about safety.

"You try to keep them as close together as you can so that you can watch over them the best you can" she said. "You talk to them about looking both directions, wearing bright clothes, staying on the trail."

The cross-country team is in the middle of its season, and Ley believes that the girl will be able to keep running.


  • Keegan

    I know this girl. She is my best-friend’s sister. The whole team stopped to help and make sure she was okay. We are all so relieved that she was released from the hospital.

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