Young Man Dies After Being Hit By Train

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One man is dead after being hit by a train in Sallisaw, Okla., Saturday night (Oct. 12), authorities said.

Police said Michael Crabtree, 20, attempted to cross the railroad tracks near the Sallisaw carnival. That's when he was struck head on by a Union Pacific train, according to Sallisaw Police Captain Bo Gabbert.

The accident happened near the intersection of Cherokee and Wheeler street, according to police.

Eyewitnesses at a nearby carnival said they were shocked at what they saw.

"The train was coming and the rails were going down and then some guy comes walking this way right by the barricade over there and the train sound his horn and he just leapt in front of it," said eyewitness Tawuan Smith. "I guess he thought he could make it you know."

"It was Michael," said Timothy Ward, who also witnessed the accident and was Crabtree's friend. "When he tried to run across that's when he got hit. and it killed him right there on the scene."

Gabbert said both Sallisaw Police and authorities with Union Pacific Railroad were investigating to determine what happened moments before they say Crabtree darted in front of the train.

"At this point, it just looks like a tragic accident," Gabbert said.

Authorities say the driver of the train has not been issued a ticket and is not expected to be cited in this accident.


    • hunter

      mama no rudnes meant by me but I knew him and he was a good kid on his way to see a car show and trying beating a train no drugs no nothing a mistake that cost him so there u go

  • Doug

    Sad to see a man died over a bad decision. Or had something weighing heavy on his mind and did not see the train.

  • Brittney

    In all honesty, with a festival being held that close to the tracks I think the train shouldn’t had ran until after the festival was closed for the night. I think that it would have prevented the fatality that had taken place as to it running. But that is my opinion. Prayers for the family!

  • Rhonda

    Ive been saying , that’s not a good place for a carnival , little kids running around could get away from their parents and get hit by a train. This is very sad and could of been prevented if it was in a different area of town. Prayers to the family , Im very sorry for their loss

  • Bob Todd

    No accident —Railroad greed and railroad bought phonies running rail safety. These railroad idiots couldn’t see the carnival lights and slow down? Why aren’t trains lit up like the ferris wheel?

    • Anon

      There are several safety precautions in place that will prevent any sane person from endangering themselves near a moving train. For one – That railway has probably been there for several decades. Trains don’t need to slow their cargo (And be cited for slowing down) in order to *Maybe* prevent an accident. This man would have died if the train was going 10 miles an hour.

  • happyme

    It’s very sad that this 20 year old thought he could beat a train. Nothing wins against a train, especially not a human. My thoughts and prayers go to the family and anyone who witnessed this traumatic event.

  • Crystal Davis

    Michael was my cousin and he was a good kid. I have NEVER known of him using any kind of drugs. Michael was pretty much a happy young man. Loved to hunt and fish. He was just like any other young kid now days where curiosity got away with him. What I don’t understand is why we pay taxes to have a fair ground and we have a rodeo ground but we put a carnival rite next to a train track? That is why I don’t take my kids to the carnivals in Sallisaw. My children’s safety comes before a stupid money making event for the city.

    • lette.

      Hi don’t kn u but so sorry to hear that and my prayers goes out to the family and may god bless the whole family and be woth this family through this hard time and it’s so sad to hear that. …

  • MrsBlake

    Ok you hairbrains. The conductor should not have had to slow down. They have regulated speeds that they are required to go by whether there is a carnival in town or not. They blew the horn & the crossings came down. The carnival has nothing to do with Union Pacific. That was the city’s stupid fault for placing a carnival right next to the train tracks. It’s a sad accident & the bottom line is they guy should’ve just waited to cross.

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